We enhance digital competences of social care professionals.
We provide a unique e-learning course specifically designed for these social care professionals while introducing them to the elementary digital skills.
For those interested we offer a participation in piloting of the course

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An inspiring visit of social workers in Burgh Haamstede

Social workers from The Netherlands, Lithuania and Czech Republic met in the first week of November in the Dutch seaside town of Burgh Haamstede where they were warmly welcomed by the host organization PRO WORK.
Within the KEEP UP project they got to know more about e-learning that has been created by the project partners. They have also had the opportunity for discussion and sharing experience from their daily work and so could find out what are the main similarities and differences.
An interesting part of the visit was the tour through the new modern retirement home Zierik7 in the nearby town of Zierikzee. The social were introduced to the facilities and all the modern technologies used for daily care of the clients. The tour also included a presentation of VR technology called ELDER VR used as a part of the therapy for the clients. They tried the 3D glasses and shared their feelings with us.
Last but not least we had the opportunity to take a look at VINDERDUIN (a home where 8 women with mild mental disabilities live under supervision, each has her own space, works and takes care of herself mostly alone, but also shares common spaces). This interesting project was started in 2017 and continues successfully.
The participants of this meeting gained a lot of new knowledge and experience and established new relationships that could hopefully result in further beneficial cooperation in the future.

News 3

Partners meeting in Kaunas

The representatives of the partner organizations met again in Kaunas, Lithuania in March 2023. The great atmosphere during the meeting was enhanced by the fact that one phase of the project was successfully completed.
The partners agreed that the entire e-learning content has been finalized, all chapters should bring new and beneficial information for the target groups. From now on the partners have started translating the learning content to soon be able to present the e-learning in the partner languages.

Meet with digitalization in our small video

Are you curious what we are doing in the project? Are you considering if the e-learning might be for you? In the small video we might give you an answer. Follow us on social networks and check the website regularly. The first modules in the e-learning are being uploaded.

News 2

Prague meeting in July 2022

Representatives of Euroface Consulting, Pro Work and SPI personally met in Prague, on the 15th of July 2022 to discuss the Keep-up project progress. The main discussions were focused on the structure of the e-learning to be developed, the project timeline and the target groups. Partners have agreed on the milestones and left with clear ideas how to proceed with the project realization.

News 1

Start up of the project

The KEEP UP project has started in March 2022 in cooperation of the Czech Republic, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Partners met online first, to plan the first project stages, especially the structure of e-learning. The first face to face meeting is planned on July 2022.